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Ibrary is idea library, a mobile application that user can ask for help and get inspiration.

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Role Team Lead, Developer, Designer
Timeline Sept 2018 – Dec 2018
Client BCIT
Tools React Native, Redux, Invision, Illustrator, Github

This project was the biggest project during my time at BCIT. I presented the idea and it got the second most votes. I came up the idea with my experience struggling thinking of ideas for assignments.

To complete this project, I cooperate with three other members. My role was helping the design team make prototype and logo as well as developing the UI and database with React Native.

Image placeholderPersonas & Task Models

Image placeholderWireframes

Firstly, we narrowed down the scope of the idea to specialize to the certain target. Since designers struggle thinking of creative idea mostly, we decided to target them. Based on our target audience, we created personas to understand user behavior. After creating solid personas and task models, we made wireframe with basalmiq.

After making the first version of Prototype, we asked for feedback to other people in order to make sure usability and improve user interfaces. While making the prototype, I created a logo for ibrary. "ib" stands for idea library (ibrary). I wanted to give a friendly look with logo, which intended to make users imagine the index finger and thumbs up when they come up with a creative idea.

Image placeholderLogo & Color theme

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